The Fairy Festival
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The Fairy Festival

Arizona Tape

Drawn to the yearly fairy festival by the promise of real fairies, Charlotte visits the small town in the hope of getting a glimpse of these mythical creatures. A bad storm threatens to ruin the event and her friends tempt her with bad decisions. Will Charlotte get to see a fairy before they go fully extinct?
The Fairy Festival is a prequel to the Griffin Sanctuary, a modern fantasy following mythical creatures and the keepers who tend to them with a sapphic main character.


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About the Author

Arizona Tape lives her dream life hanging out with her dog and writing stories all day.
Her favourite books to write are urban fantasy and paranormal romances with queer leads, stories that she wished were around when she was younger.
When she’s not writing, she can be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen, watching shows that make her cry, or trying her hand at her new hobby of the week.
She currently lives in the United Kingdom with her girlfriend and her adorable dog who is the star of her newsletter. Sign up here for adorable pictures, free books, and news about her books:
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